California's State Arts Agency

California’s artists and creative communities are at the top of the list of the many features that make California a great place to live and to visit. The California Arts Council is dedicated to advancing California through the arts and creativity through investments in three key areas. 


Arts Plate Funding

Proceeds from sales and renewals of the California Arts Plate are a key source of state arts funding. Through new sales and renewals, Arts Plate patrons contribute nearly $2 million annually to arts education grants and community arts programs supported  by the California Arts Council. 

Arts Education

A commitment to arts education is one of the California Arts Council’s core priorities. Arts education is essential for student success and the development of California’s 21st century workforce.

Cultural and Community Engagement

The California Arts Council invests in underserved communities and populations, using the arts as a tool to serve our state’s veterans, at-risk youth, rural communities, and many other Californians.

Economic and Community Development

The California Arts Council boosts our state’s economy by supporting activities that help all of California’s communities prosper.


Drive the Arts. Buy the plate. 

Ensure that California's young people succeed and thrive when you support arts education today.